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Matthew Randall

6055 Estates Drive

Alexandria, VA 22310



Flat fee includes approximately 300-400 shots, and a Photo Release allowing you to own, print, and use the images. Allow 2 hours for the shoot from set-up to tear-down. Generally, I use an excellent rental studio in Alexandria, VA. I can travel to your home or another location, say, Paris, for additional charge. I reserve the right to use favorite shots on my website to prove I knew you before you got so famous.



$250 in studio/$300 outdoors or other location

A word about hair, makeup, and clothing: go for classic and timeless. Remember your yearbook photos? Try to stick to no more than 3 outfit changes; we're doing a portraiture session, not a fashion shoot. Avoid pattern, striped, shiny, and trendy.


$250 in studio/$300 outdoors or other location

Glamour shots, artistic studies, nudes and the like, as well as G-rated pics that aren't as static as headshots. I reserve the right to use favorite G-rated shots on my website. With your permission, I may ask you to sign a Model Release, to show the pictures at the retrospective of my work that is undoubtedly being considered at the major galleries even as you read this.



$300 per couple in studio/$350 outdoors or other location

I charge a bit more for couples, and not just because of the bickering. With twice as many of you, it takes longer. I can do individual shots, but I'm primarily interested in capturing your dynamic as a couple. By the way, I interpret couple very broadly: gay, straight, parent/child, mad scientist/hunchback, best friends, twins, etc.



If you promise not to use any version of "gee, your work is really going to the dogs" I will photograph your beloved pet. Price varies depending on how tightly your boa constricted me, or your horse's hooves damaged the floor, number of shots, and how allergic I am to your cat.



If you desire Photoshop touch-up (blemish removal, teeth whitening, etc), this service can be provided for $50/hour, rarely exceeding two hours.


I do consider Time For CD/Time For Print on occasion, based on my availability and need for models. This is often a good way for someone to start out modeling, or for a photographer to test new equipment and techniques.


I teach via NOVA's Office of Workforce Development, and individual classes.

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